Dr. Dennis Rebelo

Dr. Dennis Rebelo, Ph.D. has held several chief learning roles for established and hyper-growth organizations over the last fifteen years. Dr. Rebelo continues to fuel all educational development by understanding and acknowledging the unique path of individual learners while balancing the role of the learner’s organizational identity and corporate ethos within the learning experience. His research and educational approaches examine the phenomenon of learning through a narrative lens informing how he designs, researches, collaborates with others and imbues educational innovation. In overseeing curriculum development and instructor training for distance-based learning applications, Dr. Rebelo ensures technological approaches to learning closely mirror conditions seen, felt and reported in live high touch scenarios where face-to-face communications drives instruction.


Dr. Rebelo consults emerging brands, university boards and presents internationally on the topics of educational approaches in modern workplaces, narrative identity work, leadership and management culture change strategies and dynamics, holding critical conversations, generative dialogue, creativity and innovation in teaching and how leadership and identity formative experiences can be designed to create rich highly personalized, unique and meaningful Story Paths™ within corporate learning encounters.