Kim Jones

Kim Jones is a Managing Director and co-Founder of Visual Risk IQ LLC, a risk advisory firm he and Joe Oringel established in 2006 to help finance and audit professionals see and understand their data. Mr. Jones’ background is as a business-solution technologist, entrepreneur and consultant with more than thirty years of experience serving clients in a wide variety of industries.


Prior to co-founding Visual Risk IQ LLC, Mr. Jones worked extensively as a consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than twenty years, helping to create solutions to important business challenges of Forture-500 companies that leverage the core competencies of PwC. Mr. Jones has previously served as Chief Technology Officer of a Boston-based startup and subsidiary of Brown Brothers Harriman which was founded to be, and has achieved significant success as a financial transaction hub for large asset management companies. Prior to 2001, Mr. Jones was the co-founder of three enterprise-focused software companies in Northern California serving each as CEO and CTO.