Heather Gerety

As the Workplace Strategy and Transformation Lead, Heather Jordan Gerety currently serves as Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield, in the Total Workplace consulting group. Heather is a highly accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience and who has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for her clients. Her dynamic leadership skills and ability to analyze and optimize commercial real estate assets have made her a well-respected expert in the field of workplace and real estate strategy.


Throughout her career, Heather has held senior-level positions at top-tier firms, including Jones Lang LaSalle and HOK Consulting Group. Her clients have included Fortune 100 companies from industries such as technology, biotechnology, banking and more. Heather has also served as the Director of Workplace Environments at Genentech, where her group lead one of the largest workplace transformations in the Commercial Real Estate industry and has received numerous rewards and recognitions. Prior to joining Cushman & Wakefield she founded her own consultancy group based in Dallas, Texas, which provided workplace and real estate strategy services.


Passionate about transforming workplaces to create environments where people can thrive, Heather believes that the physical environment plays a crucial role in shaping workplace culture. She has helped numerous businesses create spaces that foster collaboration, productivity, and creativity. Heather's passion for workplace transformation has led her to become an expert in change management services, enabling companies to transition into new ways of working.


Heather is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Architecture and Environmental Design from Texas A&M University. In recent years, she has authored an article titled "Getting Ahead of the Looming Commercial Real Estate Crisis" at the onset of the global pandemic. This article provided valuable foresights into the state of the commercial real estate industry that we find ourselves in today. It not only contextualized the situation but also identified opportunities for growth and development within the industry. The article highlighted key steps that businesses can take to adapt to the changing landscape and capitalize on emerging trends.