Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson is an accomplished Senior Account Executive at 3C Software, a leading software company specializing in delivering cutting-edge solutions for actual cost and profitability measurement, as well as simulation capabilities. With an impressive track record spanning over twenty-two years, Ian has consistently provided innovative cost and profitability measurement solutions to clients across diverse industry verticals, including financial services, wholesale distribution, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and life sciences.


Throughout his career, Ian has excelled as a trusted consultant, assuming leadership and strategy roles in eighteen client engagements. Additionally, he possesses invaluable experience as a former corporate employee, having spearheaded the Global Cost to Serve Program for a Fortune 500 CPG and Life Sciences company for a duration of four years.


Ian's expertise and deep industry knowledge have been instrumental in driving success for his clients, enabling them to achieve measurable improvements in cost management and profitability. His ability to analyze complex data, identify key insights, and develop actionable strategies sets him apart as a reliable and results-oriented professional.


Ian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Denison University, which has provided him with a strong foundation for his multifaceted career. Continually seeking growth and learning opportunities, Ian remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, ensuring that he delivers the highest level of value and expertise to his clients.