Featured Speaker

Jessica Pacheco

Jessica’s experience is unparalleled in Arizona and her reputation as a master strategist, leader, contributor, and powerful influencer has been earned over 25 years of consistently successful outcomes.

In addition to her 22 years in executive leadership for a Fortune 500 energy company, Jessica has worked extensively in economic and community development arenas. She led international advocacy efforts to enhance trade opportunities with Mexico and Canada in her role as President of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. She has led several issue campaigns in Arizona and has acted as a senior advisor to various statewide candidate campaigns for both state and federal office. Jessica continues to be a strategic guide for executive, emerging, and elected leaders as they explore potential opportunities and navigate ever-shifting dynamics to create optimal roadmaps to achieve desired objectives.

Jessica is committed to giving back to her community as she serves on the Arizona Board of Regents, on the executive committee for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and on the Thunderbirds Charities board of directors.

Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Jessica and her three, almost grown, children live in Phoenix. She loves to play card games, hang with her kids and practice yoga. If given a choice, she will always opt to wear flip flops.