Gabe Higgins

Gabe Higgins is a co-founder and Chief Blockchain Officer of BlockSpaces, the industry's first blockchain integration platform for enterprise management applications to. Gabe is a co-author of “Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption, & Redemption of Money”, making a case for why bitcoin is sound money from a Judeo-Christian perspective. As an early adopter of Bitcoin, he’s been active in the emerging tech space since late 2012, building the local community by founding Tampa Bay Bitcoin group which has grown to thousands of members and is the longest standing active bitcoin & blockchain group in the world.

Gabe is involved in mentoring & advising innovative companies using cutting edge technology such as blockchain and AI. His knowledge and expertise has become a sought after speaker with a number of Universities & government organizations, as well as corporations about the  impact digital assets & blockchain technology have on industry.