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James Reid

James Reid (who goes by his initials “J.R.”) is an entrepreneur, Certified High-Performance Coach, former Division 1 student-athlete, and the Creator of Championship Families™. Mr. Reid is also a proud husband and father of three.


In 2014, while he was ascending the ranks as an entrepreneur in sports, Mr. Reid was increasing his distance from his family and closest relationships. Then, in January 2016, Mr. Reid was involved in a car accident that forever changed the trajectory of his career and life. Realizing he was given a second chance, Mr. Reid took back control of his life and began a life devoted to high-performance and personal growth.


In less than two years, Mr. Reid went from broken, overwhelmed, and exhausted to building an in-demand coaching practice and being trained by Brendon Burchard, Michael Hyatt, and Gino Wickman - three of the top names in high-performance, leadership, and business. In 2017, Mr. Reid’s turnaround story was featured by New York Times Best-Selling Author and world-renowned Leadership and Productivity Expert, Michael Hyatt, in his “Your Best Year Ever” book and popular online course, “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.” Today, in addition to blossoming as the CEO of his business and brand, Mr. Reid’s family life is thriving.


Mr. Reid’s mission is simple: Empower athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and their families to master proven high-performance and communication strategies so that they can win at home, sports, and business. Mr. Reid takes pride in helping his individual and organizational clients acquire, refine, and master advanced tools and disciplines proven to accelerate next level growth and boost clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence.


Mr. Reid’s role as coach and entrepreneur began in 1994, as a golf caddie at Medinah Country Club. As a caddie, Mr. Reid coached award-winning recording artists, Hall of Fame athletes, high-powered corporate executives and attorneys, and ultra-successful entrepreneurs. As he will tell you, caddying provided him eight years of studying the common attributes of high-performers and successful leaders.


As a Division 1 athlete, Mr. Reid experienced two fractured hips that shot down his aspirations to play professional baseball. But that didn’t stop him. Mr. Reid started his first business in 2006 – a financial and business consulting practice. His first client was a former 20th Century Fox Executive who was overwhelmed running a small healthcare operation for his fully handicapped daughter. Within two years, Mr. Reid coached him to positive cash flow and out of six figures in debt. Since then, Mr. Reid has coached some of the most elite athletes and entrepreneurs in the country, the biggest brands in sports, as well as several entrepreneurial organizations and startups.


Mr. Reid earned his Juris Doctorate and Master in Business Administration from Louisiana State University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Iowa. Mr. Reid also earned an Executive Certificate in Branding from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.