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Rick Hassman

Rick Hassman has built a respected reputation as a credible advocate for change in the roles of Chief Information Officer and Consulting Executive. He is a technology strategist passionate about leading transformational initiatives that skew perception of IT departments as cost centers into value creators. He has led IT teams of more than 180- cohorts in realizing business-IT alignment to deliver on business objectives, respond nimbly to customer demands, and to stay ahead of industry shifts. Skilled at wielding technology as corporate differentiator, he excels at reverse engineering IT frameworks to add value to every corner of the business by ensuring that each process, system, and application offers an advantage. 

As Chief Information Officer of Pella Corporation, Rick pioneered the company’s 1st digital transformation strategy and was credited with assuming a center-stage role in Pella’s maturation as an industry force. Further, his contributions came at a critical time for Pella; through the expansion of capabilities and network/resources, he helped the company emerge stronger during a challenging company phase: Powering the story of how a smaller corporation, in a highly competitive space and during a volatile market—became a profit-generating engine, gaining competitive differentiation among its’ competition. As a hands-on people manager, he has built business-focused IT teams who are passionate about harnessing technology to business priorities for maximum efficiency and value creation. He inspires high performance and loyalty by zeroing in on individual motivators through heightened listening skills, earning the trust of reports and customers alike. As a C-suite partner, his strategic and spot-on counsel moves internal and external stakeholders to action; empowering leaders to align around common strategic goals, quick wins, and long-term success for lasting change. 

Mr. Hassman received an MBA from Drake University. His success also earned him Oracle’s CIO of the Year 2016 to 2017.