The Power of Story-Based Learning: How to Adopt a NETFLIX-like Approach to Leadership Learning

Presented by Dr. Dennis Rebelo and Financial Executives International
1 Hour || Replay Archived Webinar || Download Presentation (pdf)

This webinar invites participants to consider how select stories and interviews from high profile financial leaders can be an effective way to absorb leadership knowledge. Dr. Dennis Rebelo will highlight his experiences in forming the FEI Leadership Master Class by focusing on (3) distinct personal leadership stories from interviews with Leslie Seidman (Former Chair of the FASB), Andrej Suskavcevic (CEO of FEI), and Linda Zukauckas (Controller of AMEX) that can be catalysts to leadership growth.
The design-build process of the FEI Leadership Master Class will be featured in this webinar since it is reliant upon the uses of stories; a majority of the class’ content is anchored in personalized, key formative leadership moments experienced by these (3) financial leaders. The videos are short bursts of 2-4 minutes positioned to spark thoughtful reflection of how a learner-leader may re-think, evolve and better one’s leadership practice. This method of sharing knowledge by connecting stories and creating themes within a learning experience will be explored.
Story-based learning offers a clever, effective and easy-to-retain way to transfer knowledge in a world where learning has become pressured by time constraints. Dr. Dennis will also share how the science of story accelerates learning key leadership competencies and offers a pathway to career development through the experiences of others.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: This webinar has the following learning objectives. At the conclusion of webinar attendees will be able to:
  • Understand how stories and personal narratives can create virtual coaching lessons;
  • Acknowledge how formative leadership lessons are able to help transfer knowledge;
  • Create contextual connections in the stories of others linked to (8) competencies;
  • Understand how when hearing another’s leadership story such lessons can enhance the intentional or unintentional nature of key life experiences and prompt more positive outcomes in one’s work relationships in retrospect;
  • Examine individual personal narrative and evolves one’s narrative by using a story-based framework for thinking about skill development and leadership style in considering one’s future leadership path.

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