Why Leadership Assessments FAIL: The Introduction of the IPsP™ Assessment for Financial Leaders

Presented by Dr.Dennis Rebelo and Financial Executives International
 1 Hour | Replay Archived Webinar | Download Presentation (pdf)

This webinar invites participants to engage in a review of why leadership assessments fail to meet the expected needs of other financial leaders, followers, team members along with HR and developmental professionals. The IPsP™ or Integral Psychological Profile will be featured in this webinar as a way to rethink modern assessments from a positive psychological standpoint; it offers technical leaders and thinkers specific data about leadership competencies, motivation orientation and problem solving styles. Simply put, the IPsP™ represents an integrated, useful and pragmatic way for leaders to re-orient themselves as they navigate through the multi roles and identities required in the complex organizational working environments that exist today.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: This webinar has the following learning objectives. At the conclusion of webinar attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the historical background of assessments used in leadership development, honor current organizational complexities impacting leaders today, and acknowledge how complexity will continue to drive future assessment needs;

  • Know how to identify the (8) universal IPSP™ human competencies;

  • Make a distinction between aptitude versus application of leadership, receptivity, creativity, exploration, organization, communication, analysis and adaptability;

  • Understand the differences in motivation types for the (8) major competencies.

  • Examine individual competencies and pairs of competencies to better understand an individual’s role fit, how to avoid stress and how to approach creating a personalized developmental plans and prepare individuals for high stakes situations using this assessment’s model.

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