The Key to Building a Strong Digital Presence

Follow these rules to avoid digital presence embarrassment.

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If you’re looking to make a career move this year, it’s time for a digital presence check. Not sure where to start? These are the simple steps job seekers can take to avoid embarrassment and become more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.

The first step job seekers should take is to Google themselves. “We recommend that every person Google themselves just to see what does come up,” says Accountemps executive director Mike Steinitz . “And if there's anything, whether it's on Facebook, whether it's on Instagram, that is the least bit unprofessional, you’ve got to realize that that could actually cost you an opportunity. A lot of organizations will look at that because they don't want any controversy.”

Your digital presence is an opportunity to go beyond the details of your resume. Steinitz recommends searching for profiles within your industry to see how they’ve outlined their backgrounds and accomplishments. 

“You don't want it to just be about your experience and very black and white, but also about what you’ve accomplished. How did that contribute to the bottom line? How did that save the company money? Whom did you collaborate with that brought you recognition within the organization? Things that can make you stand out.”

Finally, be social with your social media. Interested in a particular company? Show your interest by connecting with people at that organization. “Sometimes you can see a commonality on LinkedIn that you wouldn't have known. Maybe the hiring manager went to the same university you did, maybe they're involved in a philanthropic organization that you also have an interest in. There are ways that you can use that information to find connections and differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other potential people that may be applying for the same position.”

A tight job market is not the time to let your digital presence go stale, says Steinitz. “It’s ironic because we're in such a great job market for an employee and there are far more opportunities than there are active candidates, but hiring managers are still very picky, so you've got to look for everything and anything to differentiate yourself. So, it's really important with your social media presence, that you speak from the heart as to where your interest lies, why it matches up with said organization and speak to accomplishments, et cetera, that can help you in that search.”