Destined for Accounting

On choosing Accounting, Microsoft’s Alice Jolla shared, “My thought process was, ‘Well, I'm going to choose accounting because accountants can do general business, but those that majored in general business couldn't do accounting.’ So that's how I landed on accounting.”

Upon further reflection, however, Accounting may have always been in the cards for the CAO and Corporate VP. “When I reflect back on it, I was actually doing accounting work as a child. My dad had all kinds of different businesses [when I was] growing up. And before the days of computers were readily available, the days when people still paid by cash, he would bring cash home from the restaurant/nightclub. I would count the cash, write it in a little notebook, how much was collected for the day. I was doing their taxes while I was still in high school. So I guess really, when I think about it, I was just bound to be an accountant, even though I didn't realize that enrolling in college.”

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