Crisis Management

FEI Urges COVID-19 Relief for All Non-Profit Organizations

Section 501(c) organizations play an important role in training America’s workforce, creating industry and professional standards, and disseminating essential information and resources to people in need, particularly during times of crisis. Associations and Section 501(c) organizations are already needed to help coordinate federal resources, and they require staff to fulfill this duty. Without support, however, and due to unprecedented financial loss from event cancellations, associations will be unable to meet this critical obligation.

To ensure all Section 501(c) organizations are included in crucial stimulus funding to combat COVID-19, FEI requested Congress to reconsider its limitation that includes only Section 501(c)(3) within the definition of “nonprofit organization” for SBA loan eligibility. Without this financial support, innumerable associations and other Section 501(c) organizations will fail.

View FEI's letters sent to the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Board and key members of the House and Senate leadership requesting COVID-19 relief for all non-profit organizations: