February 2024 - Dr. Adegoke Oke and FEI Arizona Academic Excellence Awards

CPE Presentations

Retaining Employees and Attracting Talent in a highly competitive and ever-changing job market
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  • Staffing highlights 22’ vs 23’ – Phoenix Market 
  • Staffing 24’ outlook – Phoenix Market 
  • December 23’ and January 24’ jobs report 
  • Best practices for retaining and attracting talent in 24’ and beyond 

The Future of Rx Drug Cost
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Medical claims play a large part in health insurance cost, but what you may not know is that Rx claims are becoming a much larger factor.  We will be discussing how to recognize and minimize overspending on Rx.  

Dinner Presentation

Strategic Innovation for Financial Growth: Unlocking Firms’ Innovation Potential in a Dynamic Market

Join Us for Financial Insights and Future Connections!

Dive deep into the world of innovation with Dr. Adegoke Oke, a renowned expert and professor at Arizona State University. He'll crack the code on what drives financial growth, smash through innovation barriers, and unlock your full potential.

Recognition that shines: We'll be celebrating the brightest stars across Arizona universities, honoring their academic achievements, and paving the way for their impactful careers. Be inspired and get ready to be a part of their success! 

Don't miss this chance to fuel your financial IQ: Get practical strategies and cutting-edge insights straight from a leading expert.
Network with the future: Connect with your tribe, build your network, and spark lasting collaborations.

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Mr. Adam Carter

as Vice President
Marsh McLennan Agency

Mr. Rudy da Costa

Senior Executive Recruiter
The Intersect Group LLC

Mr. Jay Latch

Sales Manager
The Intersect Group

Dr. Adegoke Oke

Professor of Supply Chain Management and Interim Chair, Department of Supply Chain Management
Arizona State University

Tara Thompson

Senior Account Manager
The Intersect Group