October 2023 - Ben Lytle, Author of The Potentialist


CPE Programs

Introduction to IRS Stakeholder Liaison 

Stakeholder Liaison offers external partners a communications and outreach capability that promotes understanding of the agency’s mission and goals, promotes two-way dialogue, and builds relationships with the tax professional community, government agencies, businesses and groups outside the tax community. The overriding goal is to help taxpayers understand and meet their tax responsibilities.

The session will provide an overview of some of the IRS key messages and resources available. 

Path to a Digital Transformation
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A company's digital transformation journey typically involves a systematic and strategic approach that involves identifying its current digital capabilities, assessing gaps and opportunities, setting goals and objectives, and developing a roadmap for implementation. This roadmap may include upgrading legacy systems, investing in new technologies, training employees, and building new partnerships and collaborations to support digital initiatives.

Dinner Program

Succeeding in a New Reality

Join us on October 10, 2023 when we welcome Ben Lytle, business leader, as he discusses succeeding in a new reality. 

More profound change will occur in the next thirty years than in millennia and perhaps since the beginning of time and no one and no company or social institution escapes.

The work we do, our lifestyles, how we learn and communicate, and even who we are as a creature will be different. As change accelerates, people become anxious and fearful, and institutions start to falter. But this is not a disaster, but a time of historic opportunity to lift the lot of humankind in ways previously unimaginable. How will you prepare yourself, your family, your profession, and your company for the coming changes so that you thrive? 

We look forward to seeing you there!


Nancy Bielke

Digital Growth Director

Lisa Novack

Senior Stakeholder Liaison, Communication and Liaison Office
Internal Revenue Service