Arizona Chapter of FEI Cancels April 2020 events due to COVID-19

On March 19, 2020, the Board of FEI Arizona unanimously decided to cancel all events in April due to COVID-19, including the following events:
  • April 14 Dinner Meeting
  • April 24 All Day Accounting Seminar
  • April 29 Career Services Class
  • April 30 CFO Master Class

The Board had previously cancelled all March events.  

Recognizing that networking is one of the biggest benefits of FEI, the Board of FEI Arizona is considering various options for providing members and sponsors with networking and collaboration opportunities during this challenging time for our community, including providing virtual meetings for its members to attend. The Board is also considering extending the chapter's normal annual calendar to accommodate events over the summer (when it would otherwise usually go dormant) to make up for events that could not be held in March and April.

The Board encourages all members and sponsors of FEI Arizona to monitor the news section of the chapter's webpage and follow the chapter's LinkedIn site at  In addition to sending updates via email to its members and sponsors, it will also be posting updates to these online locations.