CMG - Train Your Brain for Success

7:30 – 8:00 - Networking
8:00   9:00 – Program

How do you define success? Everyone may define success differently, but the one common denominator to being successful is our brains!

The ability to process more information faster, stay focused longer and get into the highly productive mental state called “the Zone “can significantly accelerate your journey to success. In the meeting you’ll:
  • Learn about Neuroplasticity, our brain's amazing ability to change from stimulation.
  • Learn how you can use this knowledge to help you improve your performance in all areas of your life.
  • Experience an exercise to help you prepare for interviews, improve your performance and succeed in the challenging situations.
  • You will leave with a faster, more focused brain than when you came!

John Kennedy, Neuroplastician

Master Executive Brain Coach / International Bestselling Author/ Process Efficiency Consultant
John is an Internationally known pioneer in the field of Applied Neuroplasticity. He created the field in response to a contract by the US Marine Corps in 2007 to reduce casualties in combat and accelerate post combat trauma recovery. The unique application of his successful process improvement methodology to the brain using neuroplasticity as the medium and an agile approach for continuous improvement has helped thousands of people all over the world exceed their performance expectations. These include high performers such as executives, pilots, Snipers, Navy SEALs and professional athletes to people struggling with concussions, PSTD, depression, ADHD, learning disabilities and dementia.