Knoxville Fall Newsletter

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Fall is here and that means “It’s Football Time In Tennessee”. If FEI had a signature tag line, it would be “Financial Guru’s, Make Every Moment Count”. We are trained and programmed to maximize our time and money in both our companies and our personal lives. Whether it’s company deadlines, or sporting matches, or family obligations; we juggle schedules to be available and engaged. Finding balance can be a chore, but I’m amazed by the many schedules that both our Members and Partners juggle. Sports have always been a great unifier, and in a similar way we share a common bond in FEI with our link to helping manage the lifeblood of our organizations.

In the upcoming FEI meetings, I look forward to having conversations with fellow Members and Partners about the wisdom they’ve gleaned from having navigated through recent challenges. I’m always reminded that we all share in similar experiences, and it makes me that more grateful for the experiences I’ve encountered, even the most challenging ones.

We have planned an exciting line-up of speakers and we have a wonderful Board of Directors in place to see us through a successful year.

Make every moment count!

Alan Horton
President, Knoxville Chapter
Director of Finance | South College