FEI NYC & Crowe Digital Security Program

Every year, the methodology in which cybercriminals utilize to cause indeterministic harm to organizations has evolved. Security leadership, driven by incessant risk-based decision making, have had their hands decidedly full of emerging threats, vulnerabilities, zero-day explosions, and supply chain crisis. 2022 has been unkind in the most generous of terms in offering an onslaught of cybersecurity challenges, some of which the security and risk community have not previously grappled with. Zero-day vulnerabilities, such as the infamous Log4J or Log4Shell vulnerabilities brought even the largest of organizations to the drawing board on the processes and procedures that were leveraged to defeat urgent, time sensitive vulnerabilities. In this panel session, a diverse team of panelists will discuss the following topics:
  • Cybercriminal’s monetization transition and their unique focus on financial institutions.
  • Functional and Effective digital security practices.
  • Building a security organization that is resilient across the lines of defense.

1.0 CPE Pending

Interested in attending this in-person event? Members can register online. Non-Member finance professionals can attend by emailing skuhns@feinyc.org and requesting to register.


$25 FEI NYC Member
$35 FEI Member of Another Chapter
$30 Non-Member Young Professionals (under 35yo)
$75 Non-Member Finance Professionals 
$25 Virtual Attendance (Panel Only)


Sekhara Gudipati

FS Digital Security Managing Director

Austin Harman

FS Digital Security Consulting Manager