FEI NYC Event with Aysha Saeed

Learn how to use fashion and style to impact your career with Aysha Saeed, CEO & Creative Director of the fashion brand AYSHA NY

Before saying a word, what you wear introduces you when you enter a meeting. And, for better or worse, that silent introduction has an impact.

Since the beginning of time, what you wear has mattered. It sends a strong signal to the world about who you are, your professional level, and more. So when you’re spending 40+ hours a week working, why not use fashion and style as a tool to influence and connect with others during that time?
Our workwear may have changed dramatically in the past two years, but the necessity to look put together has not changed. Aysha Saeed will show you how to use fashion and style to enhance your career, whether working remotely, in the office, or both. 
Wine and lite fare will be available during the event.


Aysha Saeed

CEO and Creative Director