FEI NYC Virtual Poker Night with PokerDivas


Discover how to Play to Win in Life and Business using the principles of Poker 

PokerDivas wrote the book on teaching business & life skills using the principles of poker. You will learn everything you need to know at the poker table to excel at the conference table. It's not about gambling, it's about making bold moves, immediately increasing confidence and assertiveness, learning to manage a bully at work, negotiating like a winner,  getting more clients, and networking while having fun!
Participate in an evening of reading the competition, developing your strategic skills, and enhancing your ability to negotiate. For this special evening, PokerDivas will share skills and strategies that can transfer from the poker table to the conference table. Our Keynote for the evening is Ellen Leikind, an entrepreneur, corporate trailblazer, published author, and creator of PokerDivas. Ellen will share her perspective on getting in the Play to Win in Life and business using the principles of Poker. Yes Poker even if you have never played the game.
It's not about gambling. It’s about being bold and taking your rightful seat at any table. 

This is an educational event. You do not need any poker experience! Once you leave the event you will be comfortable sitting at the virtual or live poker table. You'll not only learn the game, but how to:
  • Read the competition
  • Secure the upper hand in negotiations
  • Manage a bully at the poker table or the conference table
  • Act assertively and strategically
  • Take calculated risks with confidence 

You'll also receive a copy of Ellen’s book PokerWoman, How to Win in Love, Life and Business using the principles of Poker 
5:30PM - Virtual Networking and Introductions
5:45PM - Keynote: Poker and Business Strategy and Exercises
6:45PM - Game Instruction and Practice 
7:15PM - Poker Play and Awards Ceremony and Additional Networking if time allows...
Event concludes by 8/8:30PM

No Poker Experience Needed! This is a virtual event.