3 Things To Fix On Your Executive Resume

3 Things To Fix On Your Executive Resume
Whether you're looking for a new job, considering a search or open to change (for the right opportunity), you should have an updated and optimized executive resume at the ready. Writing a strong resume takes more than just adding recent information to an older version -- especially if it's several years old and/or was written before you worked at the executive level. Your resume should showcase who you are today and relate to the jobs you’re seeking. It should reflect your current value, expertise and strengths in a way that's relevant to potential employers.
When evaluating and updating your resume, review the following 3 areas closely:  

Strengthen your summary. A summary should paint a compelling picture of who you are as an executive and what you bring to the table. While brief, it should include key areas of expertise and specialization, industry experience and other notable information. It could be a paragraph on its own or combined with a short list of bullets (provided they don't repeat paragraph content verbatim… especially because related information will also fall under the Experience section). Concise writing is key, but provide enough information so readers can clearly see your value and impact on an organization.

Don't overly generalize career progression. If you've progressed through the ranks and held multiple positions at the same employer, separate out different roles (and corresponding date ranges), rather than list everything you've done under your most recent title. Not only is this more accurate (and truthful), demonstrating progression at a company speaks to your strong performance and quality of work (i.e., it tells readers that your employer was happy with what you did and invested in your advancement).

Change task-oriented bullets. Including a laundry list of duties under each title can weaken your positioning because it misses key executive qualities. Look at the larger picture and include the results/accomplishments based on your leadership, influence, guidance and strategic perspective. Also communicate major financial and business impact.

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