The Surprising Key to A Successful Turnaround StrategyA Q&A With Violin System CEO Ebrahim Abbasi

Dissent may not evoke feelings of optimism in most executives. But according to Ebrahim Abbasi, CEO of Violin Systems, that’s just what you need to make the necessary changes to turn a company around.

As a veteran of Silicon Valley, Ebrahim Abbasi has an established track record of high growth and turnaround success stories, including the restructuring of Roamware (now Mobileum), the transformation of Force10 Networks and subsequent acquisition by Dell, the turnaround of Redback Network’s corporate operations functions leading to a $2.1B acquisition by Ericsson, and as a member of the executive team growing Ascend Communications into a $24B acquisition target by Lucent Technologies.

FEI Daily spoke with Abbasi, CEO of Violin Systems, at a recent Financial Executives International New York City Chapter Event about what led him to become a “turnaround executive” and why the five year plan is a mistake.

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