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Employer-Sponsored Emergency Savings

Over 70% of employees want their employer to offer an emergency savings program.  See the research, learn why the pandemic has created an inflection for this new category of workplace savings program and hear how a new Northwest startup called Secure is leading the way. 
FEI's Washington State and Portland Chapters are pleased to welcome Devin Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of  Devin will lead a discussion about how the pandemic has led emergency savings to become the most sought-after new benefit for 2021.  Listen to Devin tell the story of how his local startup, backed by Pioneer Square Labs and leading Northwest angel investors, is leading the way in this new category.  Devin will break down the research that supports an investment into emergency savings programs by employers, share what a successful program looks like and how employers of all sizes can improve their bottom line and the financial health of their employees with an emergency savings program.  

About Secure
Secure is a new type of workplace savings program, designed to help employees build and maintain an emergency savings account, and to support them during unexpected financial hardships. 
The unfortunate reality is that 40% of Americans cannot even afford a $400 unexpected expense, and the financial setbacks from Covid has only made matters worse.  This is why "short-term money matters" are the top source of stress for Americans, and when they bring that stress to work, it costs employers up to $15,000 per year per stressed out employees. 
The solution is obvious, and the pandemic has created an inflection point of growth.  Americans love the concept of automatic emergency savings via their employer, with upwards of 87% saying they would participate if their employer offered one.  This is why emergency savings has been named by Fidelity, Willis Towers Watson and others as one of the top new benefit trends in 2021.  
With Secure, employers get a high impact, low-cost emergency savings program that can be deployed online with just a few clicks.  We provide employers an easy-to-use online portal for administering the program, purpose built mobile apps for employees to automate savings and easily access funds as well as supporting material and collateral to drive adoption.  
Secure helps employees reduce stress, be more productive and stay focused at work and gives employers a new way to recruit, retain and motivate employees that is the perfect message for employers looking to show their teams that they care and are working to support them during these unprecedented times. 
Secure is founded by Devin MillerBassam Saliba and Suze Orman, and backed by Pioneer Square LabsSeachange FundIA Ventures and leading Seattle area angels.  


Devin Miller

CEO and Co-Founder