ESG Updates Conference

Virtual Event FAQs


When is the event?

FEI's ESG Updates Conference is a two-day virtual event that will take place on Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30.

How do I access the event?

Once registered, a link to the virtual event hub will be sent to the email that you used during registration within 24 hours prior to each day of the event.

How do I log in?

Click into individual sessions to learn more about the presentation, speaker, start time, and duration. This is also where you’ll be asked to register or log in. Since you’re already registered, simply log in with the email address you used to register for the conference. No password is required. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to add specific sessions to your personal online calendars and attend the sessions when they go live.

What can I do to ensure an optimal viewing experience?

  • The latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are compatible with the platform on PC and Mac. ON24 recommends using Chrome if you are experiencing issues with a different browser.
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer – tablets or phone applications are not recommended.
  • Ensure that you have a strong internet connection. Streaming other services on your network during the conference can result in degraded audio/video quality, skipping, etc.
  • If you experience any issues during the session, please refresh your browser. This will NOT impact your CPE, as long as you don’t log out of the session. If the problem persists, we advise clearing your browser’s cache.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker and enable Flash (most sessions require it). If you enabled Flash but still see an error message, try refreshing your browser.

When and how will sessions start?

You’ll be able to enter each session room 15 minutes prior to its start time. The session will begin automatically at its designated start time. You don’t have to click anything. Just sit back, relax, and learn!

How do I add sessions to my calendar?

Check out our quick guide here for instructions on how to add the sessions to your calendar.

Can I get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation?

Yes! If a speaker has made their presentation available for download, check out the Resources widget in the session room to download a PDF version of the presentation and any additional materials from the speaker.

What do I do if I can’t see the presentation or hear the speaker?

Try refreshing your browser. Ensure your speakers / computer audio is activated. Use the Ask Your Questions Here! widget in each session room to ask a member of the support team for additional help.

What do I do if I have questions for the speaker?

Use the same Ask Your Questions Here! widget. Speakers will try to answer as many questions as possible during a session. If they are unable to get to your question, they will follow up with you via email after the session.

I have more questions!

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond ASAP! Enjoy the event.

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