The Power of "And"

The power of "And" is extraordinary. It stands as one of the most powerful words in the English language. If you pause and listen, you'll be astounded by how frequently "But" creeps into conversations and articles. "But" overshadows and erases everything said before it, casting a negative shadow. It has the emotional impact of a deflating balloon, leaving you with a "buuuut" feeling. On the other hand, "And" is a game-changer. It radiates positivity, empowers conversations, and paves the way for greatness.

Consider this: "That was great work, but (buuut) you could have also accomplished X to make it better." Now transform it with the power of "And": "That was great work, and it would have been even better if you had accomplished X."

By embracing "And," we unlock our potential, foster collaboration, and ignite a can-do spirit that propels us toward excellence. So, let's choose "And" over "But" and witness the remarkable difference it makes in our conversations and our lives. Bring your “and” game to our next FEI meeting.

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