January 2024 - Tommy Mello, A1 Garage Doors


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What do you mean the Corporate Transparency Act applies to my business?!
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Intent on tamping surreptitious foreign entity ownership and associated fraud, the recently-enacted Corporate Transparency Act requires reporting of human being direct and indirect beneficial ownership and control information pertaining to businesses operating in the US.  The information will be reported to and retained by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the US Department of the Treasury.  More than 32 million businesses are expected to fall within the Act’s compliance criteria. Learn what to watch for when determining filing requirements and when to call in a specialist. Reporting begins January 1, 2024, leaving little time for business owners and their advisors to preempt the implications of this new corporate compliance requirement.

Unclaimed Property – What it is, and why it matters
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A look into the current landscape and requirements of unclaimed property reporting, and the risks of non-compliance.

Dinner Presentation

Behind the Garage Door: A1's Tommy Mello Reveals the Keys to Entrepreneurial Triumph

Join us on January 9, 2024 for a fireside chat with Tommy Mello, CEO & Founder of A1 Garage Door led by Richard Swetonic of March McLennan.

A1 Garage Door Service is a family-owned business with local team members serving local clients. We live in the neighborhoods we serve and take a great deal of pride in providing our friends, family and neighbors with the highest level of attention and detail.

After long years of trial and error, Tommy managed to build a $220M business with over 750 employees in 21 states. At the end of 2022, Tommy  partnered with NY based PE firm Cortec as part of a recapitalization of A1, to provide a platform to further accelerate the growth and dominance A1 has in the market today. 

Now Tommy also helps other business owners do the same through his brand - Home Service Expert - where he shares everything he learned on his podcast, books, and on the stage of industry events.

We look forward to seeing you on January 9 for a candid discussion with this accomplished businessman.


Mr. James Barash

Partner, State and Local Tax Services

Matt Cooper

Sr. Manager, State & Local Tax Services, Unclaimed Property

Phillip P. Guttilla

Office Managing Partner
Polsinelli PC

Tommy Mello

CEO & Founder
A1 Garage Door Services