FEI is the preeminent professional association for senior financial leaders, representing nearly 10,000 leaders nationally.  Our mission is to advance the success of senior finance professionals, their organizations and the profession.

Membership driven, FEI provides an opportunity to

  • Connect with peers and industry leaders.
  • Build lasting relationships.
  • Stay ahead of industry trends through cutting edge content and meetings.
  • Advance your career through professional and career development sessions.

FEI Members include a broad cross-section of industries including private, public, nonprofit and academia and includes:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Controllers
  • Treasurers
  • Tax Executives
  • Internal Audit Leaders
  • Risk Management Executives  and more

Why FEI?

Over 10,000 Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Treasurers, Tax, Internal Audit and Risk Management Executives, Academics, Directors and Managers share a unique member-driven experience. FEI’s strong international community includes 72 chapters and 9 technical committees.

The strength of FEI enables its Members to have front-line involvement in pertinent business issues at both chapter and national levels. Of note, legislators, regulators and standard-setters seek FEI’s opinions and testimony as do lending and investing concerns, economic research organizations, legal professionals and of course accounting professionals.

By becoming a Member, you join an impressive network of leading financial executives! To hear testimonials about the value of belonging to FEI, watch the "My FEI" videos here.

Who Can Become an FEI Member?

Executive Membership: This membership category is open to those individuals who perform some or all of the duties of a financial executive, as defined by FEI and who serve companies of sufficient size to meet FEI’s qualifications. Please review the information on typical qualifying titles for this category of membership. Audit Committee Members are included in this category of membership as well.

Academic Membership: Applicants for academic membership must be a practicing educator in the field of accounting, business or finance and hold a minimum academic rank of Dean, Assistant Dean, Professor or Assistant Professor.

In-Transition Membership: Membership in the In-Transition category is open to applicants who find themselves between full time positions, and who have held a qualifying position during the past 5 years. Applications must be accompanied by a current resume indicating former employment. Members may remain in the category for two consecutive years at a reduced dues rate. After the first year, Members in the In-Transition category will be invoiced for full Executive category dues and must re-qualify for reduced dues consideration.

Government / Military Membership: This category is open to all senior financial executives who serve in a finance, accounting, budget, or treasury position for a local, state, or federal government agency, department, bureau or office. Applicants for this category should have direct responsibility over budgetary expenditures of at least $25 million.

What Can Members Expect?

FEI Members have an opportunity to engage with senior financial professionals at both the local and national level during regularly scheduled events. Through FEI publications, they are kept abreast of the latest accounting and financial developments with options to earn free Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. Meetings include an opportunity to participate in quality professional education seminars and to hear local and national speakers discuss a variety of relevant topics.

Membership Cost

FEI membership can be applied for at any time during the year, as our dues and fees provide access to a rolling twelve months of core chapter programs along with a portfolio of FEI Member benefits delivered both locally and nationally. Dues and fees vary based on your type of membership and for new Members, may include promotional rates offering reduced cost attendance at national conferences.

Our dues and fees generally range from $40-$60 per Member per month, billed annually in advance, based on class of membership. Current pricing for dues and fees may be obtained from our VP of Membership or any Membership Committee member. In addition, if you are an FEI Member or prospect that is “in-transition” (i.e. between full time employment status) you may be eligible for dues and fees that are fully paid for by a third-party.

So, for about the same cost as a couple of hours with your company accountants or attorneys, you get a whole years worth of robust Member benefits. As a result, just one good idea per year from FEI more than pays for the cost of your annual membership.

For additional information or for any other questions you may have about FEI membership, please contact George Boyadjis, VP Membership at [email protected] or Deb Weston, Membership Chair at [email protected]