FEI Twin Cities utilizes a Strategic Partner Program that features the expertise of select professional service organizations to further the mission of FEI and provide key resources for the Chapter’s Membership Growth, Programming, and Professional Development objectives.

For more information about the Strategic Partner Program, contact Brad Pappas - [email protected].


Strategic Partners (SPs) are long-term partners that benefit by having access to FEI Members, the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and ability to provide input into the Chapter’s programming content. There are two levels of Partnership - Gold and Silver.

The FEI Twin Cities and its membership receive several benefits from the SP relationship. These include the financial and in-kind resources provided by each SP, the additional source of new Member referrals from SP's and the expert input provided by SP's in developing each year’s programming and professional development meetings.

Strategic Partners are encouraged to attend and bring guests who qualify for FEI membership to each regular monthly FEI meeting. In addition, SP's are invited to participate in the chapter's programming and professional development planning sessions. SP's are also expected to abide by the organization’s Code of Ethics and the terms of any sponsorship agreements between the parties.

While the relationship is viewed as long-term in nature, each party will evaluate the benefits of the ongoing relationship each year. And, while the program has in place restrictions on the number of partners and their area of expertise, SPs do not have an exclusive position within the organization concerning the services they provide.


Thanks to our Strategic Partners support and specialized expertise, FEI Twin Cities is able to provide the highest quality programs, speakers and outstanding content for our monthly meetings, professional development seminars and career management sessions.

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Special Thanks to our Strategic Partners